1) What version of Wordpress & PHP does WPDollar requires?
A: The WPDollar is compatible with Wordpress 2.8.4 or higher and PHP 5.0 or higher.

2) Where can I download the User Guide?

A: Please login to your members area.

4) How can I contact the support team?

A: Create a ticket at http://support.wpdollar.com

5) Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes, we do have an affiliate program paying 50% commission per sale of any license of WPDollar
plugin. The affiliate program is through WarriorPro.

6) Can I sell blogs with Mulit-Site License of WPDollar?

A: No, to sell blogs with WPDollar plugin installed you will need a Developers license.

7) What kind of codes can I use while creating a Banner Campaign?

A: In Banner Campaign, you can pretty much use any HTML/PHP/Javascript code you want, be it a simple
banner code or Aweber subscription form or a dynamic Javascript. This is more of an additional feature in the plugin.

8) Why are sometimes the Text Ads not relevant to the blog post?

A: It usually takes some time for Amazon to index your blog post. Amazon automatically displays ads relevant to your blog post once your posts/content is indexed.

9) Why are the Text Ads not link Cloacked?

A: The affiliate link cloacking works for the Post Ad Campaign and for images only since amazon does not allows the text links to be cloaked yet.

10) Are the keywords automatically fetched?

A: Usually Amazon takes care of this based on your content but the plugin will also automatically detect the relevant keywords and display ads accordingly. You can always enter your own keywords. The process is completely autopilot.

11) How to get an Amazon API & Secret key?

A: Go to the General settings page and click on "here" link. A new page will open. Sign-in using your Amazon affiliate creadentials and click on "Security Credentials" under "Account" to get your keys.

12) Affiliate Link Cloaking is not working?

A: If you have installed your blog in a subdirectory, please disable cloaking feature & fetch your posts again. Affiliate cloaking is working with blogs on root directory of domains or subdomain. We will soon release a patch for subdirectorys also.

13) Post Ad Campaign page keeps loading after clicking on "Create Campaign" button.

A: This happens sometimes when Amazon has nothing to return for your keywords. Select "ALL" in Amazon Department field.

14) Are external products suported?

A: Not yet but we will soon release a fix.